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Single Sign-On

With single sign-on (SSO), students, teachers, administrators and parents login once to gain access to every tool they use. This means that you can utilize many tools simultaneously and easily implement new tools that improve learning.

Example: Science Leadership Academy

The Science Leadership Academy, a one-to-one laptop, public magnet school in Philadelphia, uses technology extensively in their project-based model. They identified nine separate tools they wanted to use on a daily basis but remembering nine passwords was painful to implement and manage. SLA needed a way to access a wide range of tools and add new ones easily in the future.

Control Through Open-Source

As open-source software, Slate is the only integration tool you fully own and control. In the face of significant public pressure to protect sensitive student data, you retain complete control and ownership. You also can co-invest with other schools.

Example: edIQ

edIQ, a company that provides low-cost tablets bundled with STEM-focused content to under-resourced schools, needed a platform for their tablets that they could customize and that would allow them to quickly and easily add more tools in the future. They needed a low-cost option that they could commit to long term. Slate now runs on over 200 of their tablets at 5 schools.


APIs and Data Dashboards

Incompatible formats make data merging and standardization far too difficult and expensive for most schools. By providing both open APIs and data dashboards, Slate unlocks data and gives you complete control to analyze, interpret and respond effectively.

Example: Science Leadership Academy Beeber

SLA Beeber wanted to let teachers choose from a number of gradebooks based on their personal needs and preferences. By displaying data from all of these gradebooks in a single location, students and parents no longer have to search in multiple places to get the information they need.

Additional Tools

Slate Student Information System (SIS)

Stores and makes accessible demographic and contact data, course enrollment, record keeping, and report generation.

Contact Directory

A mobile app that allows users to access student, teacher and parent contact information.

Blog Engine

Offers a way for students and classes to capture, archive and share work and projects.

Authentic Reports

  • Standards Based Reporting helps departments and teachers define and report on specific standards as well as the scale on which students will be evaluated.
  • Narrative Reporting allows teachers to evaluate students in depth in written narrative format and send the report to the relevant people.
  • Interim Reporting helps teachers submit formal notices to students, parents and administrators when students are in danger of failing.
  • Progress Notes helps teachers and administrators share and record information outside of formal reporting schedules

    Third-Party Tools

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  • moodle-logo
  • engrade-logo
  • easygradepro-logo
  • lucidChart-logo
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If you already use any of these tools or plan to in the future, we can help.

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